Here lies City2.org

From 2007 to 2012 City2.org was an early experiment in citizen journalism and civic engagement.

The platform - consisting primarily of a hand-made blog network and local news aggregation system - was built to scale it's unique combination of features to multiple cities, but never expanded beyond it's initial instance in Santa Barbara, CA.

Within Santa Barbara, City2 quickly became known for it's unique community of over 500 citizen voices, it's special features (which were, at the time relatively groundbreaking in local news, and it's close knit and supportive culture.



    - A customizable news aggregation feed that dynamically mixed local City2 headlines with headlines from established news organizations. The aggregator could be user customized to focus on any subject; hard news, arts & entertainment, blogs, opinion, sports, etc.
    - Early mobile posting, enabling users to use their pre-smart-phones to email or text in news updates, or blog posts
    - Local data visualization, including a breakdown of local emergency calls
    - An advertising functionality enabling vendors to customize their ads via micro-CMS

Favorite voices

    - Almost Native Son - a widely read local citizen journalism blog focusing on fire coverage, local politics, local culture, and infographics
    - Santa Barbara Man About Goleta - Self described post-multiculuralist Paul Rivas, providing entertaining commentary
    - Culture of Protest - Local Sociology Professor and lifelong activist, Dick Flacks on politics and social movements
    - Mr. Pottymouth - A secret shopper, and critiquer of local bathrooms